Moving Tips

Moving house can be stressful that is why we put together some hints and tips that will help you with your packing…

Moving Tips

If moving houses is a big or small job for you, you can save yourself time and money and use the right equipment and following a few of our suggestions below:


  • Place plastic or material beneath furniture, to cushion heavy items.
  • Stack your chairs with a cloth or paper separating them.
  • Cover your furniture with covers, especially lounges, recliners and anything valuable.
  • Cushions can be wrapped in plastic to protect them.
  • Bed mattresses should also be wrapped and covered, standing up on their end to maximise space.

Books, Filing, Documents, etc

  • Pack all important document records into appropriately marked archive boxes.
  • Place all books down flat in boxes, as well as wine cartons.
  • Don’t overfill the boxes, they will become too heavy to lift.

Glassware, Breakables

  • Wrap all breakable items separately in tissue paper or newspaper, ensuring the box you place them in is marked Fragile.
  • Place plates, saucers and bowls on their sides to prevent breakages.
  • Any empty space in your packing boxes should be filled with paper.
  • Don’t stack any heavy items or boxes on top of cartons containing breakables.
  • Picture frames and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard to protect glass breakage.

Electronic Equipment

  • All electronic goods should be clean and dry before packing.
  • Ensure that items above electronic goods won’t fall down and damage the surfaces.
  • For fridges and freezers, be sure that the item is thoroughly dry and clean to prevent moisture and mildew damaging any of your valuables. A tip is to leave the door slightly open.


  • Store clothing in wardrobe cartons to protect them.

By following these simple steps, and adapting some of your own, you can rest assured that when it’s time to unpack your goods, they will be free of damage and ready for your new home or office!